Buying a House in Maryland with a VA Loan: Everything You Need to Know
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Published on April 14, 2023

Buying a House in Maryland with a VA Loan: Everything You Need to Know

Are you a veteran or active-duty service member looking to buy a house in Maryland? If so, you may want to consider using a VA loan. VA loans offer many benefits, including low interest rates and no down payment requirement. In this blog post, we’ll explore everything you need to know about buying a house in Maryland with a VA loan.

Step 1: Determine Your Eligibility

The first step in using a VA loan to buy a house in Maryland is to determine your eligibility. To be eligible for a VA loan, you must meet certain service requirements. For example, you must have served at least 90 consecutive days on active duty during wartime or 181 days during peacetime. If you’re a National Guard or Reserve member, you may be eligible after serving six years.

Step 2: Get Pre-Approved for a VA Loan

Once you’ve determined your eligibility, the next step is to get pre-approved for a VA loan. This process involves providing your lender with financial and personal information, such as your credit score and income. Pre-approval can help you determine how much house you can afford and can make your home buying process smoother.

Step 3: Find a Home in Maryland

With your pre-approval in hand, you can start looking for a home in Maryland. Consider factors such as location, school districts, and commute times when searching for a home. You can also work with a real estate agent who specializes in VA loans to help you find a home that meets your needs and budget.

Step 4: Make an Offer

Once you’ve found a home you like, it’s time to make an offer. Your real estate agent can help you negotiate the price and terms of the sale. Be sure to include a contingency clause that allows you to back out of the sale if your VA loan doesn’t get approved.

Step 5: Get a VA Appraisal

Before your VA loan is approved, the property you’re buying must undergo a VA appraisal. This appraisal determines the value of the property and ensures that it meets VA loan requirements. If the property doesn’t meet these requirements, you may need to make repairs or find a different home.

Step 6: Close the Sale

If everything checks out, it’s time to close the sale. This process involves signing legal documents and paying closing costs. Your lender will provide you with a final disclosure that outlines the terms of your VA loan, including your interest rate and monthly payments.


Buying a house in Maryland with a VA loan is a great way for veterans and active-duty service members to become homeowners. With low interest rates and no down payment requirement, VA loans offer many benefits. By following these steps, you can navigate the home buying process with ease and find the perfect home in Maryland.

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